Community Banner Sponsorship Opportunity

The promotional street-scape banner campaign is now underway!

This program will reinforce our Black River Falls brand, brighten and invigorate our downtown. These banners, designed exclusively for the city of Black River Falls, will showcase our community’s economic vitality and the support of our local businesses.

A representative from Community Showcase Banners is now reaching out to local businesses to discuss the street-scape banner campaign. We encourage business owners to consider participating in this program as it provides an exciting new opportunity to showcase community pride and gives business owners the opportunity to market themselves unlike ever before.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities visit the website below, reach out to the community’s program manager directly, or contact the City Administrator.

Program Manager:

Robert Barto

(585) 645-5986

City Administrator:

A Brad Chown

(715) 284-2315

Here’s a sneak peak at this year’s banners: