City Ordinance


The Code of Ordinances of the City of Black River Falls is maintained in both paper and electronic formats.

These electronic versions of each chapter are provided for information only and should not be considered the official version of the code.  If inconsistencies exist between this electronic version and the printed edition, the printed edition will be considered definitive.

For an official copy of any part of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Black River Falls, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (715) 284-5514. There is a copy fee per page - see the Fee Schedule under Forms on our website. The Code of Ordinances of the City of Black River Falls is the sole property of the City of Black River Falls; any unauthorized use or modification of this code is illegal.


The information listed in these documents may not be accurate and up to date. The information is accurate as of the date listed on each page; however, ordinances adopted after that date may have changed or eliminated a section of the code.

The City of Black River Falls makes every attempt to keep the internet version of these documents as up to date as possible. Due to programming and timing of revisions to these documents, this is not always possible.

If you have questions regarding any of the information contained on these documents you can email the City Administrator at

Table of Contents – Municipal Codes  (Updated 10/3/2018)
Index – Municipal Codes  (Updated 2016)
Chapter 01 GENERAL GOVERNMENT  (Updated: 9/14/2022)
Chapter 02 COMMON COUNCIL  (Updated: 4/11/2023)
Chapter 03 FINANCE AND TAXATION  (Updated: 9/13/2018)
Chapter 04 POLICE DEPARTMENT  (Updated: 9/13/2018)
Chapter 05 FIRE DEPARTMENT  (Updated: 10/25/2023)
Chapter 06 ADMINSTRATIVE REVIEW  (Updated: 9/13/2018)
Chapter 07 TRAFFIC CODE  (Updated: 4/15/2024)
Chapter 08 PUBLIC WORKS  (Updated: 6/1/2022)
Chapter 09 ORDERLY CONDUCT  (Updated: 5/2/2023)
Chapter 10 PUBLIC NUISANCES  (Updated: 2/5/2020)
Chapter 11 HEALTH AND SANITATION  (Updated: 5/10/2021)
Chapter 12 LICENSES AND PERMITS  (Updated: 6/22/2023)
Chapter 13 MUNICIPAL UTILITIES  (Updated: 5/10/2021)
Chapter 14 BUILDING  (Updated: 5/24/2021)
Chapter 15 PLUMBING  (Updated: 9/13/2018)
Chapter 16 ELECTRICAL  (Updated: 2/5/2020)
Chapter 17 ZONING CODE  (Updated: 6/1/2022)
Chapter 18 SHORELAND WETLAND-FLOODPLAIN ZONING  (Updated: 9/13/2018)
Chapter 19 SUBDIVISION - PLATTING  (Updated: 12/6/2021)
Chapter 20 CATV FRANCHISE  (Updated: 9/13/2018)
Chapter 25 GENERAL PROVISIONS  (Updated: 6/1/2022)