City Parks Open / Playgrounds Closed

In these days of health protection safety, we need to be very careful of where we play.  With that in mind, I would like to remind people of just what the City Parks & Recreation Department is doing.  We will have the Parks open for public use in a limited fashion. They will be open for walking and open ground area playing. Even though the Parks are open, the Playground Area and the Equipment is closed to the public. This includes swings, slides, seesaws, twirls, bouncing toys and play structures and any other usable playground pieces not mentioned.

It is not possible for us to protect everyone from germs on playground equipment. That would require someone to be there all daylight hours watching for someone to touch them and then we try to clean up with some type of spray that we aren’t sure works.  This isn’t a realistic option.

Until further notice our parks bathrooms that normally open up in early April will also be closed until we get an okay from the State Health Department.  We are removing the portable toilets that are located in several parks for health safety reasons.  I don’t like to do this anymore than you like to see it done.  However, these are trying times and we all need to do what we can to keep our friends and neighbors safe.

Please enjoy the Parks in the limited ways that we can offer.  We hope to be open for your full enjoyment as soon as possible.

Steven Peterson

City of BRF Parks & Recreation Department