A Thank You Note to Our Community

Mayor Jay Eddy received this inspiring message on March 27th which illustrates the lengths truck drivers are going to in order to deliver needed supplies to our local businesses, the struggles these drivers are encountering just trying to get a meal, and what a kind community we live in ……

Good afternoon;

I am a Canadian semi truck driver from eastern Ontario close to the Quebec province border. On Thursday March 26 of this year during the great coronavirus pandemic, I had driven to your town almost 2000 miles from my home to deliver hydro cable to one of your local utility cooperatives.

That morning, after my delivery, I was making an attempt at getting some breakfast at a local McDonald’s restaurant. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, only the drive-through was providing service to customers who were in their cars. One of your local residents in a red pick up truck noticed my frustration and offered to go through the drive-through and buy me breakfast. Although I declined the offer it left a tremendous impression on me, the willingness of one of your local citizens to help me out when I was in need during this global crisis.

I want to thank you for your community’s culture of kindness towards a stranger who was in Black River Falls during this tumultuous time.


Steven Dolk

Brockville, Ontario