BRF Police Chief Announces Retirement

In a sudden announcement on Facebook, BRF police chief Scot Eisenhauer said he would be resigning from the position.

Eisenhauer will be moving on to be the Director of Criminal Justice Training with Wisconsin Technical College after his final day as chief on April 17.

The chief started his police career back in 1995 in the town of Burlington, Wis. In 2009, he would move on from Burlington to take over as the police chief in Iron River.

“I worked my way up the ranks to become Chief of Police, not because it was a goal of mine, but because I knew I could lead officers to feel they were important to the community they policed and the profession of law enforcement,” he said in his statement on Facebook.

While in Iron River, Eisenhauer would obtain his master’s degree in criminal justice.

In 2015, Eisenhauer would find his way to Black River Falls where he stepped in as chief in a department that had just survived a referendum.

It was a new venture, full of new challenges for Eisenhauer that he enjoyed taking on with the dedicated staff of the BRF PD.

“Every idea that I had, and the department had, was put into place and worked. Black River Falls Police continues to build partnerships and teamwork,” Eisenhauer said. “I work with the finest officers and staff I have worked with in my whole career.”

His new position will bring him a whole new set of challenges though, as he is tasked with the development of new police officers in Wisconsin.

Eisenhauer has said that he will help the city find his replacement to ensure the police department can continue to foster relationships within the community.

“Thank you for allowing me to be your police chief. I have enjoyed my time with our community and the people who live, work and visit here,” Eisenhauer said.

Stephen Knoll / April 4, 2017 / Jackson County Chronicle