Black River Falls Appoints New City Attorney

The City of Black River Falls welcomed an old face back to his former position. Dan Diehn was appointed as the new city attorney at the Common Council meeting, a position he held for 16 years previously.

Diehn is a BRF native and has been working as an attorney in the area since 1996.

“It’s nice to be able to serve your community in such a way where you really know the people,” Diehn said.

In 1999, he first became city attorney when it was an elected position, stepping down from the position in 2015 when he ran for a judgeship.

After his unfortunately unsuccessful run for judge, Diehn was ready for a chance to come back and serve the city again.

“It’s a really neat experience getting to be city attorney,” Diehn said. “You get to work with the decision-makers in the city.”

Diehn is also excited just to be able to serve his community and build those strong relationships again.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with the city council and the people of Black River Falls, so it just seemed like a natural fit to come back,” said Diehn.

Stephen Knoll / / Jackson County Chronicle