When Do I Need A Building Permit?

A “WISCONSIN UNIFORM BUILDING PERMIT” is required for any new home placed or relocated on any parcel within the City limits. Contact the Building Inspector for permit information.

A “GENERAL BUILDING PERMIT” is required when your project involves:

-An addition or structural changes to exterior or interior of your home or any accessory structure. This includes garages, sheds and decks.
-Any type of electrical, heating, or plumbing work that is not considered maintenance; examples of maintenance could be changing: a faucet, electrical device (switch, light), furnace or water heater if the same size.
-Putting up a fence or a sign.
-Finishing or remodeling a basement or rooms.
-Electrical work (Including service upgrades)
-Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen if you have any structural or mechanicals (plumbing, electrical, Heating/Ventilation/ Air – Conditioning (HVAC)
-Installation of a wood stove or fireplaces.
-Installation of a hot tub, whirlpools or swimming pools.
-All New Commercial Construction including additions and remodels to commercial buildings.

This list is not all inclusive. If in doubt, please contact the City Building Inspector.

What if I do not get a Permit?

Ordinances and State Statutes require building permits. If you DO NOT get a building permit when required, the fees can be legally doubled, a stop work order will be posted and you could be fined for every day the work is not in compliance. If you are not sure whether your project requires a building permit, please contact the Building Inspector.

Any Further questions or concerns can be referred to:

Adam Pillard
Building Inspector
City of Black River Falls

Building Permit Letter