Interest Free Rehab Loans Available



           Attention City of Black River Falls residents!  The City has CDBG funds available to assist low to moderate income persons with housing rehabilitation.   These funds are distributed as interest-free deferred loans.  There are no monthly payments!  The homeowner pays the loan back when the property is sold or no longer their primary residence.

The Community Development Block Grant funds can be used for housing rehabilitation, including but not limited to:  re-siding, fixing or replacing a roof, replacing inefficient windows and doors, correcting plumbing and electrical issues.  Funds can also be used to correct any lead hazards in the house. In some cases, funds may be used to make homes or apartments more accessible for disabled individuals.

Are you looking for help with down payment assistance?  Income eligible persons may apply for a loan to help pay eligible closing costs and provide up to 50% of the required down payment.  Assistance is not to exceed 10% of the purchase price of the home.

Landlords who rent to LMI tenants can also receive assistance through the City’s CDBG Housing program.  The CDBG funds will be offered to Landlords as a 0% interest installment loan.  Monthly payments are made to the City of Black River Falls housing program and the repaid funds will be used to finance other housing rehabilitation projects within the City of Black River Falls.

Eligibility requirements state that all occupants of housing units to be rehabilitated under this program must meet the County Median Income limits as defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for Jackson County.

Income Limits:$35,100$40,100$45,100$50,100$54,150$58,150$62,150$66,150

The City of Black River Falls Housing Coordinator will provide housing rehabilitation applications to eligible persons.  To receive an application or for more information, please contact Renee Swenson at (715) 235-9081 or-1-800-472-7372 or in person at the City of Black River Falls Office at 101 S. 2nd Street Black River Falls.  The City of Black River Falls wants to help those in unsafe or unhealthy conditions first; therefore, loans will be prioritized by need.