BRF Common Council Approves Updated Technology for BRFPD

The Black River Falls Police Department’s (BRFPD) request to replace computers was given full approval by the BRF Common Council at the council’s monthly meeting held on Jan. 7.

     This request followed a decision made by Microsoft to no longer support the Windows 7 system after Jan. 14, in order to make way for new technology. Currently, only the main computer in the BRFPD’s squad room is operating on Windows 10, and the rest of the department’s computers need to be updated.

     “Eventually, we are going to run into problems later down the road,” said BRF Police Chief Jeremy Isensee. “From talking with the IT (Information Technology) gentleman, he said our best way to do it is to do everything at once.”

     The estimated replacement cost is $15,190, which includes three new computers and updating the department’s existing Toughbooks to Windows 10.

By Dakotah Bork / The Banner Journal